Psychosis of Racism

Tulsa Oklahoma Race Riot 1921

Slavery, Lynching, Segregation, and Mass Incarceration

Lynching of Sam Holt  1/3/17

Why I Oppose the Death Penalty for Dylan Storm Roof

Terri Mae Owens

Rutgers Un1versity  2011

One Plea of “Mercy” for Dylan Storm Roof

When I read that the death penalty is being sought against Dylan Storm Roof, for the murders of the nine men and women whom he shot to death in Mother Emmanuel A. M. E. Church, a year ago this month, I felt a sense of sadness and remorse. My sadness, however, was not felt only for Dylan’s fate, but for the fate of race relations in a country that as Americans we love.

As much as we mourn the loss of lives that were taken in such a horrifically insane manner, taking the life of Dylan Roof, will not bring any one of them back. In fact, to issue the death penalty would be expressive of the same barbaric disregard for human life that he showed towards parishioners who expressed only kindness towards him.

The deaths of the nine men and women of Emanuel grieved this entire nation, as well as people around the world. We here in South Carolina are presented with a great opportunity to continue the legacy of the Charleston Nine by not just professing to be a humane society, but by actually showing that we are.

I am an African American woman, a mother and a grandmother whose hope it is for a kinder and just society for people of all races and ethnicities. I am hopeful that one day skin color and religious belief or practice will not continue to divide us.

There is no question that what Mr. Roof did was wrong. However, as terrible of a thing that he has done, he is a member of a community of citizens called Americans. As Americans, we are connected by a shared history, and that history is in part founded upon the branding of the flesh of human beings to document them as property, as inventory, and not as people.

Because Mr. Roof grew up in a country whose foundation was built upon a blatant disrespect of human life, it seems ironic that a country whose history was established upon laws that made it legal to commit cruel and inhumane acts against human beings including children, for financial gain, would establish laws that would sentence an individual to die in a most inhumane manner because he committed a cruel and inhumane act against humans beings. The message that this type of reasoning sends is at its worst hypocritical, and at best conflicting.

Our forefathers owned human beings, and yet they established laws to govern our nation. Laws that children were taught did not recognize African Americans as human beings, and certainly not equal to whites. It took a civil war just to grant them freedom and document their humanity.

Collectively as a people and a nation, we have journeyed to this point in our country’s history where a 21-year-old white male entered a church and assassinated nine people. The result of racism. Racism was described by Toni Morrison, during an interview with Charlie Rose, as “Bereft.”

“The people who do this thing, who practice racism are bereft, there is something distorted about the psyche. It is a huge waste and it is a corruption and a distortion. It’s like it is a profound neurosis that nobody examines for what it is. It feels crazy, it is crazy, and it has as much of a deleterious effect on white people and possibly equal as it has on black people.” Example below.

“Kathy Miller Resigned as Donald Trump’s Campaign Manager of Ohio”

What has being a nation of people, whose history on race relations in this country as exhibited through the Civil Rights movement, produced? It produced confused citizens like Dylan Roof. How can we as a country not take responsibility for his brokenness and for ours? Laws punish, but they also protect. Dylan clearly shows signs of mental illness.

Dylan is one of America’s sons and we have failed him. We are the products of a history based on treating people like the “Other” and like they do not belong here in the United States of America, a country built by the free labor of slaves. Listen to Kathy Miller articulate documentation of this point.

We must admit that we have set a bad example. Our country’s stance on race was aired on television for all to see. During the Civil Rights Movement African American men, women and children marched with signs in hand that read “I am a Man” “I am Somebody” “We Shall Not Be Moved” and were attacked by German Shepherd dogs, beaten with clubs, and sprayed with water from fire hoses, while Jim Crow Laws segregated even water fountains. In 2016 there are new ideas on how to terrorize blacks. Donald Trump has his own ideas.

This is an opportunity for our country to begin doing a better job of teaching that what happened to African Americans and Native Americans in this country was wrong and that it should never be replicated. We have to teach this to America’s children.

Yes, justice must be served, but let’s not forget our history. A history that included the horror of lynching a human being and then setting the corpse on fire while children were in attendance having a picnic with their parents.

Dylan deserves to pay for his crimes, but must we kill him as if exterminating him is going to heal race relations in this country? It is my plea that Dylan Storm Roof should not receive the death penalty and that this country must stop using it as a method of punishment for crimes committed until America’s judicial system puts itself on trial for the enforcement of unjust laws that destroys people lives.

Capital punishment is immoral, and making an example of Dylan by sentencing him to death by the cruelest method of punishment imaginable will not deter repeated behavior of the same from happening.

Richard Rosario


Alice Goffman: How we’re priming some kids for college — and others for prison

Angela Patton: A father-daughter dance … in prison


President Obama Delivered Commencement at Howard University 2016

In these videos, the President and First Lady spoke on many topics, and among them, were the history of race relations, segregation, mass incarceration, progress in race relations, a lack of voter participation, and the legacy of those who lost their lives fighting against injustices so that the lives of African Americans could be reflective of a more humane and just society.


President Obama Delivered Commencement at Howard University 2016



First Lady Mrs.Michelle Obama Commencement Speech at Jackson State University.



Black Panther Party Visited Norman Lear to Discuss the Buffoonery of African Americans in his Shows

The Black Panther Party of the 1960’s was seen in different ways by different races and cultures of people.  For me, an African-American woman, mother and grandmother,  they will always be remembered as guardians, educators, and up lifters of their communities.

It was interesting to learn that The Black Panther Party visited Norman Lear to discuss the Buffoonery of African Americans in his shows, and that while it was already in the making, the show “The Jefferson’s” was influenced by their visit.

Norman Lear (Full Episode)


Police Officers Are Human Beings: Sometimes They Commit Good Deeds and Sometimes They Excercise Bad Judgment

“Terrance Crutcher’s Car Breaks Down and Gets Killed While Hands are Up in the Air”

Roland Martin


Tiffany Crutcher Speaks About Police Officer’s Judgement about her brother

Jonathan Ferrell

North Carolina Is Killed by Police Officer

It is important to show support for police officers who risk their lives to serve their communities with care, showing good judgement, and performing random acts of kindness while on duty, however, when Police Officers use bad judgment, they should be held accountable.

Keith Lamont Scott/Charlotte North Carolina

“Allegedly Posed Eminent Deadly Threat”



Protestors in Charlotte N. C. Over Shooting of Keith Lamont Scott


I hope they find the mysterious officer so that he can be thanked.

Mystery Cop Helps Man




Understanding Cop Helps Boy With His Math – on a 911 Call – Heartwarming





Officer Pays For Diapers After Mother Attempts To Steal Them – Newsy

Police Officer Bobby White, Gainseville Florida

Police Officer Bobby White, of Gainesville, Florida, responded to a complaint about kids playing basketball in their neighborhood.




Officer Bobby White:





Shaq, Officer Bobby White & Gainesville Police Department

His response attracted the attention of “Shaq” who showed up to support the officer and join in the game.



Super Bowl 50 Beyonce’s Tribute to Race Relations

Beyonce’s performance at “Super Bowl50” was well choreographed, with many tributes including the X formation of her dancers in one of their dance routines, to Malcolm X.

The top of her outfit appeared to be a tribute to Michael Jackson when he performed at the Super Bowl in 1993.

Her Come On! definitely a tribute to Serena, well at least I think so.


KANYE WEST “Celebrate The Times That No one Shows Up “

There are many people who simply do not like Kanye West, but I am of the opinion that many hate him because he represents why black men are seen as a threat to society.  He is confident, educated, creative, artistic, talented, he loves his family and protects them, and he has business sensibilities to earn for himself and his family a quality lifestyle.

I was inspired by this video to celebrate the times when people choose to exclude me.