The Legacy of “Let Girls Learn”

On yesterday, I read that the “Let Girls Learn” Initiative is being terminated by the Trump administration. While I was saddened by the news, I quickly realized that no one entity or administration has the power to stop progress of any kind, and particularly not of this kind.  Listen to First Lady, Mrs. Michelle Obama talk about the power of the initiative “Let Girl’s Learn.”

“Michelle Obama speak on International Women’s Day”PBS News Hour





“Let Girls Learn” – Peace Corps Ethiopia


“Let Girls Learn” with or without the title, or government support and recognition, is a seed that has already been planted.  It will continue to grow and prosper in its activism and support in this country, as well as around the world, because it is fueled by the will of women and girls, who are determined to support women and girls, whose value is marginalized simply because of the sex they were born into.

Michelle Obama’s “Let Girls Learn” Program Dismantled  the Young Turks


It became apparent in trying to replace Obama Care, that it is much easier to criticize and repeal, than it is to come up with replacements for well thought out collaborative initiatives regardless of expressed animosity for the authors.

Since the announcement, I have done a little research concerning the fate of “Let Girls Learn” which I share below.

First on CNN: Trump administration memo calls for ending Michelle Obama’s girls education program 5/2/17

While I was concerned by the news, I am confident that like with “Meals on Wheels Program, and Planned Parenthood, both threatened by this administration, that the legacy of what Mrs. Obama started will survive in spite of what it is called.

There are private citizens in this country, and around the world, who will keep the   actual initiative funded no matter what it is called.

“Let Girls Learn” USAID Video


While it is not entirely the case, the faces of many of the girls who benefit from the initiate of “Let Girls Learn” are those whose skin color is brown or black.  This country was founded upon the injustice of legally, and systematically denying those with black skin to become educated.

I would argue that it is fitting that Americans take the lead in the imitative of educating girls world-wide because our humanity connects our individual communities as one global community.

“Let Girls Learn – GLOW Ghana”


“Let Girls Learn – Good Father Project, Mongolia”


White House says ‘Let Girls Learn’ initiative has not been changed despite internal documents

The programme has invested at least $1 billion in projects to empower girls around the world 5/2/17

Mrs. Obama, your work has sparked many fires.  Your leadership has personally inspired me to do what I can, as an individual, to inspire activism for the imitative of “Let Girls Learn.”  Thank you.

News Update:

“Trump administration denies report about ending Michelle Obama’s ‘Let Girls Learn’ program”


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