Jay Z More Than an Entertainer


“Jay Z and Weinstein Company to Make Documentary and Film about Trayvon Martin”

Father and husband Jay Z,  is an involved black man, and citizen of this country, who is  active in bringing awareness to issues of racial and political justices not only through his music, but in showing up to protest against injustices  that happen in the black community.  He is now preparing to display his talents through the production of a film about Trayvon Martin.


Jay Z is now working to produce a documentary and film about Trayvon Martin.

It is a very important undertaking.  President Obama who spoke on the shooting in 2013, articulated very well why the work that Jayz has announced in 2017 to embark upon producing is an important embarkation.

It is not easy being born into this world wearing black skin.  Statistics concerning issues of education, incarceration, and the criminal justice system show that there are many challenges that African-American boys are confronted with as compared to their white counterparts.

Like members of the Black Panther Party, of the 1960’s, who worked to fight against and  expose injustices against blacks, it is my opinion that Jay Z is showing black children in particular, that there are members in our community who are not just raking in profits from record sales and retiring to the comfort and safety of their homes, but that he is a community activist.

There are other black individuals like Jay within the black community who are parents as well as celebrities, who care about our children.  They support efforts to show black children that their lives have meaning, however, not only are members of the black community involved; there is a rainbow of people who also care.

Chicago Trayvon Martin Protest March and Rally



As President Obama pointed out during his press conference, “Things are getting better.”  Stories that reflect this truth are often not always as publicly circulated as are stories that reflect division among races.


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