Police Officers Are Human Beings: Sometimes They Commit Good Deeds and Sometimes They Excercise Bad Judgment

“Terrance Crutcher’s Car Breaks Down and Gets Killed While Hands are Up in the Air”

Roland Martin


Tiffany Crutcher Speaks About Police Officer’s Judgement about her brother

Jonathan Ferrell

North Carolina Is Killed by Police Officer

It is important to show support for police officers who risk their lives to serve their communities with care, showing good judgement, and performing random acts of kindness while on duty, however, when Police Officers use bad judgment, they should be held accountable.

Keith Lamont Scott/Charlotte North Carolina

“Allegedly Posed Eminent Deadly Threat”



Protestors in Charlotte N. C. Over Shooting of Keith Lamont Scott


I hope they find the mysterious officer so that he can be thanked.

Mystery Cop Helps Man




Understanding Cop Helps Boy With His Math – on a 911 Call – Heartwarming





Officer Pays For Diapers After Mother Attempts To Steal Them – Newsy


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