The Black Church: Creflo Dollar Believes God For Gulfstream G650 by: Terri Mae Owens

It is not wrong to think that you deserve the best, act as if you deserve it, and speak on it as though you already have it. It is not wrong to believe that you can have anything you desire, no matter how unrealistic, or unnecessary your desires feel to others.

It is not egotistic to feel that you can achieve any goal you set out to achieve, even if you want to be the owner of a unicorn.  What is wrong is when those who think small thoughts for themselves impose their reasoning for mediocrity upon others.

Stand in your truth.  Dismiss others who don’t believe that you need or should have and rightly deserve the very highest quality of everything and anything that you can imagine yourself having.

We are God’s creation. We are source energy, and our thoughts are powerful beyond belief.  We are the product of a source that created this universe. Own your power.  Stand in it and watch the universe work in your behalf.

Most importantly, if your success in life looks like failure to others because you live knowing that life is supposed to be fun and easy, and they work two or three jobs, are still poor, and expect that you should do the same, change the frequency of your vibration, (channel) and take Taylor Swift’s advice and “Shake it Off”

When I heard on the D. L. Hugley Show, that Creflo Dollar Ministries was planning to purchase a Gulf Stream G650 Jet, I was encouraged.  I was encouraged because I too have faith that if I dream big, and it is in God’s will for me, that he will bless my dreams and I will experience the manifestation of my hearts desires.

My faith is grounded in my relationship with my source, creator, God, who has come through for me so many times in the past, when I was in need and meeting those needs were totally out of my control.

I have learned to not look at the situation through my physical eyes because “I call those things that seem not, as though they are.”  I have learned this in the past four years more strongly than ever before and my faith did not grow stronger because of “going to church.”  I have grown stronger in my faith in God as a result of being open to listen to an array of religious concepts and teaching and then applying them to my life. The application of the concepts is the key ingredient.


Church Board Approves Jet for Creflo Dollar

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

Hebrews 11:1

My journey with God has been a long one.  I grew up as most black folks did going to church with my family.  My Pa Pa was the Associate Pastor of our Church.  I grew up cleaning the church and helping to get it dusted and prepared for Sunday’s service.  Preachers from other churches came to our house to eat Sunday dinner after being the guest pastor at our church on Sunday mornings.  While I grew up in the church, the act of repetitively “going to church” every Sunday morning, reading the bible, and listening to preachers preach, proved to be an unfulfilled experience in my desire to grow closer to God.

I was christened one Easter Sunday, by our pastor, Rev. Octavis Gathers when I was very young.  I do not remember my age, but I remember wearing white, and being held during the ceremony by my papa.

I later accepted Christ into my life when I was 12 years old. I lived at 221 Huger Street in a Merita Bread Store, renovated into a 3 bedroom house.  A friend of papa’s lived next door, a Reverened Williams.

After attending revival meetings for one entire week with my friend and next door neighbor, Gail Williams and her brother Cookie.  We were taken to the services by their grandfather,  Reverend Williams.  His church was in Mt.Pleasant, South Carolina.  When we entered the small old wood framed church, we were told to sit on the mourners bench, where we sat until we either caught (or faked) catching the “Holy Ghost.”

I then joined my family’s  church St. Philips (A.M.E.) African Methodist Episcopal Church, at 5 Johnston Street, In Charleston, S. C.  I became a member of the church under Rev. Octavis Gathers.

As an adult, I continued to attend church services and while I was going to church, I was blessed with listening to some really inspiring sermons, however I found myself not growing spiritually and while I did not stop attending church to seek a more enlightening experience in which I could grow closer to God,  I was blessed when Oprah started her own network and I started watching “Super Soul Sunday.”

I was excited to find that there were others around the world who felt just like me.  Eventually, I did stop attending church services on Sunday’s because I grew in enlightenment, I questioned the mythology of teachings as experienced through the attendance of church services.

Watching Super Soul Sunday has been a life changing experience for me. The episodes that I watch compliments what I know of biblical teachings and reinforces my belief in God.

I hear a lot about the teachings of God, on her show from people like father Richard Rhor.

I have also been enlightened by the teachings of Pema Chondra.

Testimonies of Personal Life Experiences

In addition to hearing about the teachings of Jesus Christ on Super Soul Sunday, I hear from people who survived challenging life experiences, like that of Cheryl Strayed who walked the Pacific Crest Trail.

One of the most encouraging videos was that of J.K.Rowling who was turned down  12 times before a publisher, the number 13th publisher accepted her manuscript.

I always encouraged each Sunday Morning when I experience Super Soul Sunday.  Watching Super Soul Sunday has in part saved my life.  At times when I felt like giving up because there were people who said mean and discouraging things in response to my goals, or when friends were no where to be found, I would listen to a story, told by a celebrity of challenges he or she overcame, and it would  inspire me to  stay on my path.

Even when things do not look like they are going my way, I learned to trust that the universe would find a way to make my desires a reality.

In addition to watching Super Soul Sunday I listen to the teachings of Abraham.- Ester & Jerry Hicks.  I also listen to the teachings of  Joel Osteen and Dr. Charles Stanley.  All of these teachers basically teach the same thing.  God is Love.  Each express the same basic desires.  The desire to be still and through that stillness experience the presence of God. They each express different definitions of the meaning of what God is to them, without trying to force others to accept their ideology.

I believe that in order for me my best self, and to live my best life, that I must continue to search for ways to become educated through a variety of religious teachings  I can then continue to grow spiritually.

I am believe that the art that I am creating to honor the memory of women and girls lynched in America will be seen around the world, and will be used as a teaching tool to teach students about the dangers of bullying, as experienced historically and in its extreme measure – the lynching of black women, white women, and young girls on America’s soil.


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